11 plus thank you flowers

From some of our clients:

“1st choice grammar school secured! Thank you for boosting my child’s confidence and making learning fun.”

“My son, who is currently in year 4, has been attending a weekly class for 5 weeks. He is so enthusiastic about his lessons and even the homework! The results are amazing in school too. His use and understanding of vocabulary has greatly improved and he has won awards for maths. We try to do a little of the homework each evening so that there is still plenty of time for play and other clubs. This class has made such a difference and would thoroughly recommend to any child who loves to learn!’

” It is really pleasing to note that he has progressed under your tutelage this year.”

“Tremendously good teaching!”

“Thank you so, so much for all your help and encouragement.”

“Thank you so much for your support and care, they are not taken for granted but sincerely appreciated.”

“I like the way you disguise hard work with fun teaching.”

“I got excellent feedback from STUDENT’s Teacher that the children did a Reading Test in class and STUDENT was the only one to get 100%. l can honestly say that the recent performance is a result of the tuition she is undertaking.”

“Amazing! I love your lessons so much you are a really good teacher.”

“What I like most about the lessons is how they make learning fun.”

“My daughter started attending lessons late last year and we have seen an improvement in her school work and vocabulary. She gets homework that is appropriate for her age and ability. The feedback we get is very person centered and clear in how we can help her improve in identified areas.”

“Was glad I attended as the session was rich with information that would not have been available on my domain. The presentation was precise, to the point and very clear. I am watching the space for the next ONE!”


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